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Bringing wellbeing practises to your workplace

Yoga class situation


What is yoga for corporations?

Does your work consist of repetitive movements?

Do you have long hours being stationary?  

Lead your company into a productive flow with simple yoga practices!

Experience a significant boost in your team's productivity and energy!

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Bring focus on Spinal mobility and Foudantional Stability

The spine is the nerves' highway from the brain to the rest of the body. In all manner of movement and support the spine plays a crucial role. A step removed from the spine lies the lungs.
Good posture results in healthy breathing and healthy breathing is proven to result in a longer, healthier life.
Foundational stability is both a stabilizing of the core and the soul.
Well-being in the workplace means equal focus on bodily health and mental health, sometimes mental health begins with stabilizing our foundation, meaning the body.


Meet the person behind

Founder Lina H. Wailzer

Certified with a 500+ Hours Yoga Teacher Degree from BDY and Professional dancer from Denmark with over 5 years of teaching experience, helping companies thrive. 

Profil picture lina wailzer by the ocean
Profil picture Lina wailzer

Teaching reviews

Jennifer mann profil

Lina is a very warm and open teacher. Her students feel very comfortable in her presence and are able to access a deeper awareness of themselves through her intelligent sequences and mindful guidance. She exudes gentleness and care, yet at the same time she is very clear and direct with her instructions. I highly recommend Lina's classes or seminars to people who are in need of a well rounded practice led with detail to alignment, in an uplifting, friendly atmosphere.

Jennifer Mann,

Dance and Yoga Teacher 500hrs. BDY, EYU

Anada Leone profil

Lina has always been a very curious and dedicated student, and the same quality has her teaching. She is precise in her alignments guiding the students with clear instructions, she weaves the theme of the class beautifully, creating a new dimension in her class. Her class is deep rooted in the yoga tradition but at the same time she is bringing all the new scientific discoveries our century.

Yogacharya Ananda Leone, 
founder of Yoga Akademie Berlin

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